Monarch Montessori School

We are a nonprofit school grounded in Montessori pedagogy, accessible to families of all incomes, that places the needs of the children first. Located on the East Side of St. Paul, we serve children 33 months through six years of age. 

Why Monarch?


As a small school, we have the flexibility to respond to the unique needs of families and adhere to the ever-shifting recommendations for staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We offer individualized, hands-on instruction to preserve the love for learning and magic of discovery from qualified, experienced educators. Our two guides co-teach, ensuring that every child receives the support that they need to thrive.


We provide healthy snacks including fresh fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on children learning cooking and self-care skills.


At Monarch, every day is special! Instead of designated specialist blocks, we give opportunities to explore art, music, yoga, movement, nature, and cooking every single day!


As a nonprofit organization, we exist for the benefit of our community. We offer tuition assistance and accept both Think Small Early Education Scholarships and CCAP.


Our classroom environment is beautiful, with an abundance of exciting materials and custom furniture in a warm and inviting space. Come and see it for yourself today!


"The  Lead Guide and founding Director of Monarch Montessori is the gracious, playful, and enriching Julia Kallmes. I had the pleasure of working alongside Julia for 5 years so I can tell you that she has always been dedicated to equity and providing the best for children.
In the past 5 years I have seen her have grace under stress, work long hours to find just the right song, or create a work that will pique an individual student’s curiosity. Julia loves children when they need it most: when they are tired, worried, and overwhelmed by the adult world.
I can honestly say that any child would benefit through her love and teaching. If you are looking for an inspired, hands-on, loving school for your 33 month - 6 year old child, Monarch Montessori would be a wonderful place to flourish."

— Tonia

Children's House Teacher and former colleague

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